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Recognising Palestine: the EU Israel's nationality bill threatens agreement with PLO La chute du prix du pétrole change la donne économique en Méditerranée Face au maréchal Al-Sissi, les dirigeants européens démontrent qu'ils n'apprennent pas de leurs erreurs Israel's nationality bill threatens agreement with PLO Tunisia’s Security Challenge Europe Must Stand Its Ground Against Russia Getting Islamists on board Tunisia’s fragile transition How should Europe respond to Russia? The Polish view EU solidarity abandoned on Mediterranean shores Lebanon's parliamentary reboot puts rivals on the same side Is Algeria's dialogue initiative for Libya still viable? The Finlandisation of Ukraine Arab women making slow strides La Tunisie, d’une élection à l'autre EU’s neighbourhood policy after Ukraine Can Merkel Deal With Putin’s Myths? What Lies Ahead for Algeria? Nagorno-Karabakh: the not-so-frozen conflict Poroshenko will play up crisis easing ahead of elections Conversations Méditerranéennes … avec Philippe San Marco, géopoliticien et écrivain Gaza reconstruction: The new Israeli strategy Ukrainian Tragedy and a New Cold War Ukraine’s fragile ceasefire Human capital and the Ukraine crisis Andrew Wilson on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine Security options and the Ukraine crisis Georgia and the Ukraine crisis I am Tawfik campaign not to let Libya die What Egypt Can and Cannot Do Against the Islamic State Will Tunisia ever become a 'Mediterranean tiger'? Association Agreements benefits the EU and Eastern Partners, but will Russia allow it? Letter from Odessa Gas war seen as next phase of Russia-Ukraine conflict Arming Ukraine The West’s Repeated Mistakes Over Eastern Europe A New Strategy for Europe’s Neighborhood Putin Ends the Interregnum Arm Ukraine or Surrender A New, Senseless Cold War Is Now Inevitable Libyan state disintegration A New Strategy for Europe’s Neighborhood Israel-Palestine-Jordan economic federation can advance peace So who won the Gaza war? Clashes with Russia point to globalization's end The Russian myth of Europe Putin is not a strategic grand master Algeria - an unsteady partner for Europe The Islamists Ahead in Morocco Multi-billion losses expected from Russia sanctions What can the Cold War teach us about applying sanctions to Russia? The Wake-Up Call: Europe Toughens Stance against Putin Will Christians disappear from the Middle East? If Pre-Election Consensus in Tunisia Means Converging on the Rules of the Game Social justice: The unfulfilled dream of the Egyptian revolution Tunisie: la réponse des électeurs à la terreur Europeans Shun Even Their Soft-Power Tools The Syrian Refugees Problem Civil society draft law would ‘throttle’ Egypt’s NGOs Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe – that led to war and not yet to peace How the EU Sleepwalked Into a Conflict With Russia Wanted: A Strong EU Foreign Policy Chief Game of zones: the quest for influence in Europe's neighbourhood Egypt starts putting its house in order From Georgia to the EU is a long road From Bamboo to E-stonia: social media in the post-Soviet states Algeria: The Man and the Regime The end of the beginning Transatlantic Cooperation and Ukraine Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean Will the Palestinian Unity Government Survive? Russia Is Punching Above Its Weight New Eastern Europe Migration in Eastern Europe: EU and EaP – Statistics and forecasts Russia’s economic interests and the EU’s DCFTA with Ukraine Georgia: The Missing Page in the Association Agreements Georgia’s vulnerability to Russian pressure points What is the role of European Civil Society in policy change? The pulse of the Middle East Égypte : Al-Sissi en guerre…économique ! Eu & Unicef on EU Neighbourhood Post (N-Post)'s site Belarus and the Ukrainian Crisis The EU has won, Russia has lost Ten global consequences of the Ukraine crisis Moldova’s Future and EU’s Association Agreement: Russian Factor and Ukrainian Crisis Nagorno-Karabakh: Crimea’s doppelganger The Palestinian National Reconciliation: Regional and International Implications Europe in a Multipolar World Sisiphus Middle East Research and Information Project A Gas Hub for Ukraine Why both the left and right have got it wrong on Ukraine Regional Spillover: Lebanon and the Syrian Conflict Jordan’s Ambiguous Syria Policy The European Union’s Concerns About Syria Syria’s Very Local Regional Conflict Kremlin Paranoia Cooks Up New Threats Ukraine's Search for an Honest Thief Where Does Ukraine’s Separatism Come From? Maidan comes to Abkhazia Follow our "Eu Ukraine" page on EU Neighbourhood Post (N-Post)'s site A small experiment on where egyptian ethics has gone What Comes after Non-Recognition? Ukraine needs federalism and power-sharing Beyond spring: Civil society’s role in the Middle East and North Africa Fatal attraction? Russia’s soft power in its neighbourhood Stepping back from the abyss The collapse of the USSR and the illusion of progress Mobilité en Tunisie au lendemain de la révolution Tunisia economy set to suffer blow from Libya violence Cleaning Ukraine’s Augean Stables The nature of violence in Ukraine Moldova, a European Neighborhood Tragedy in the Making Consequences of Ukraine: Europe’s fragile cohesion The Age of Imperviousness A European agenda to support Libya’s transition A Paradigm Shift in Russia's Foreign Policy Armenia and the EEU: the point of no return for Yerevan Economic Challenges Facing Egypt’s Next President The failure of Ostpolitik Azerbaijan challenges Europe's human-rights mettle A Test Like None Before for European Foreign Policy Les pays arabes face à la crise Loophole halts justice for honor killing victims in Jordan EU Increases Sanctions, Threats Against Russia: Video Ukraine’s gas politics The Eurosphere is losing Ukraine Russia, the Eurasian Union and the US Extremism in South-Eastern Ukraine The abuse of history in the Ukrainian crisis Syrie: Scénarios et options pour une sortie de crise With Another Bouteflika Term, Algeria Faces Uncertain Future Tahrir, Maidan, Taksim: protests and political participation A new (failing) state or more of the same? South Caucasus states shun Moscow’s influence What Putin's New Soviet Union Would Look Like EU-Russia Relations – Where do we go from here? The Arab World’s Options Palestinian street doubtful of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation Dismantling Ukraine A Way Forward in Ukraine Algeria’s preordained election prods debate The EU and the Eastern Partnership: whose backyard is it anyway? Is Transnistria the Next Crimea? Algeria in eye of storm as elections near Syria's graffitti revolution Google Maps rattache la Crimée à la Russie Putin's Federalization Card in Ukraine What the Quad meeting on Ukraine on 14 April 2014 should agree Egypt in the balance: between change and chaos Syria crisis: failure to intervene will have terrible consequences, says Blair Sisi and the future of Egypt Ukraine’s movement towards Europe Libya: Time for Something Radically New How the West Helps Putin Fulfill His CIS Strategy Can the EU help Belarus to guard its independence? Putin Began Playing by Own Rules Last Fall Transdniestria in Context of Ukraine Why Russians Long for the Soviet Union The Ukrainian Revolution and the EU Jordan-Palestine ties strained by peace talks L’exception tunisienne menacée Gaza on edge of instability, EU diplomats warn Algeria’s Risky Exercise in Anachronism Belarus wants a divorce from Russia Putin's calculations on Crimea Save Ukraine! Will Bulgaria take Russia’s side? The cost of escalating sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and Crimea Crimea will cost Russia at least $400bn this year After the Crimean vote. An attempt to see into Putin’s soul Why does Putin want Crimea anyway? An EU Perspective on the crisis in the Ukraine Another Election in Libya? What About Egypt’s Non-Islamist Parties? Jordanians Split Over the War in Syria Lebanese bloggers still have niche Arab women still face many challenges Putin's Crimean Trap If Crimea, who next? Three scenarios for Ukraine As the Ukraine debate rages, both sides are getting it wrong The Dangers of Alienating Egypt’s Youth Egypt’s Economy and the Fall of the Beblawi Government Why Russia Is Out of This World The Ukrainian Crisis is NOT an EU Crisis Egyptians begin ‘Internet Revolution’ Le Maroc, tampon entre l’Europe industrialisée et l’Afrique tertiaire L’Europe et les Printemps arabes, dialogue de sourds Ukraine: democracy must prevail After the storm: next steps for the EU and Ukraine Can Ukrainians avoid a break-up of their country ? Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine How could the EU do more for Ukraine? Pro-Russian Separatism Rises In Crimea As Ukraine's Crisis Unfolds Truce crumbles amid gunfire in Ukraine, protesters claim 100 dead Live streaming from Ukraine What Ukraine’s Crisis Means for the EU On the Edges of the EU The Sochi Olympics – a missed opportunity for Europe What's happening in Syria is an abomination Maghreb: un potentiel économique, humain et géographique My visit to a Jordan refugee camp made clear why we can't abandon children Can Europe take over if US fails Israeli-Palestinian negotiations? EU gives Ukraine enlargement hint Russia’s latest attempt to derail the Eastern Partnership Salute Tunisia and emulate it EU ministers look to salvage Georgia and Moldova pacts Ukraine and the penguin: An alternative view on the protests and EU diplomacy Journalists become the story in Egypt Israel-Palestinian peace requires realism on Jordan Valley Democracy and EU foreign policy fundamentals
Egypt: Greening the economy to boost SMEs – regional project hosts seminar in Cairo
A training seminar has been held in Cairo to explore how a ‘greening’ of industrial strategies for Egyptian SMEs, together with strong policies for innovation, could become a motor for future employment. Egyptian policymakers, members of civil society, academia and the private sector attended the event, providing an ideal forum for high-level...
EU urges to end human rights violations in Chechnya
The European Union has called for a measured response to the surge of tensions in Chechnya, in particular related to the recent terrorist attacks in Grozny.  “We extend our condolences to the families of the victims,” said the statement from the spokesperson of the EU External Action service, issued today. “Those responsible for...