Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus: promoting tourism across the Dvina River

An EU-funded Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) project is working to position and promote three regions from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus as one tourism destination joined by the Dvina River.
The regions – Latgale in Latvia, Aukštaitija in Lithuania and Vitebsk oblast in Belarus – share the same landscape of lakes, forests and rivers. They share a common history and similar cultural traditions. The Bella Dvina 2 project is promoting visitor routes where tourist can take in all three countries, staying by the lakes and enjoying the hospitality of the locals.
The project seeks to address the common problem, of the absence of a joint public tourism service system, which results in inefficient exploitation of tourism resources in the region. The creation of such a system is one of the priorities of the project, already into the second stage of the initiative. The total budget for the two-year project stands at €1.7 million.
As part of the project, its partners are organising major tourism events and taking part in international tourism exhibitions (Adventur 2013 in Vilnius, Balttour 2013 in Riga, MITT 2013 in Moscow, Otdih 2013 in Minsk). They are to improve 15 objects of tourist infrastructure (e.g. erect information stands by historic mounds in Lithuania). They create common training modules and organise joint workshops for tourism sector specialists, and also elaborate new cross-border tourism products.
The objective of the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus CBC Programme is to enhance the cohesion of the cross border area through reducing regional disparities and securing economic and social welfare and cultural identity of its inhabitants. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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