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  • Budget press pack: Supporting reforms, promoting change
    Budget support is one of the most important forms of EU assistance in the neighbourhood, used to support reforms in partner countries. But what exactly is budget support and how does it work, and how does it impact on citizens? A new press pack from the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre answers the main ...
  • EU & UNICEF press pack: A partnership for children
    On the eve of 20 November, Universal Children’s Day, the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre has released a press pack to highlight the partnership between the European Union and UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, working together across the Neighbourhood to secure the highest possible...
  • The EU's response to the 'Arab Spring'
     (A memo released by the European Commission on 16 December 2011)   Introduction   The three 'M's   Money Mobility Markets   The EU's response country by country   Algeria Bahrain Egypt Jordan Libya Morocco Syria Tunisia Yemen   Additional res...
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