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  • I am a citizen, so I can have my say
    Having gone on a series of training courses, they have elected an executive board, organised a number of activities, visited a hospice, organised a youth festival – ‘they’ are the Youth Advisory Board of the Eucalyptus district, in a suburb of Algiers. They have created a space for...
  • Embroidery, painting, and computer science: overcoming social exclusion for a better life
    For three years, Handicap International Algeria and the Algerian Federation of Disabled Persons have implemented an EU-funded inclusive local development programme as ‘a solution to fight against the social exclusion of the disabled’. Eighteen associations have participated in this progr...
  • Disaster prevention for an improved response
      As a pioneer in the field of prevention, Algeria will share, along with the other Mediterranean countries, its experience of a “tour to raise awareness” within the framework of the “Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters”...
  • Water, a link to the Mediterranean identity
    Water heritage in the Mediterranean region reflects the way rural and urban populations coped with the scarcity of water, and how they organised local structures around water management. Today, most of this heritage is unprotected, and recent developments, both societal and economic, threaten its su...
  • EuropeAid Feature - Rediscovering together the water heritage in the Mediterranean region (REMEE): When memories of water become heritage
      In the Mediterranean region, water heritage such as canals, wells, aqueducts, fountains or Turkish baths represent the way rural and urban populations coped with the scarcity of water and how they organised local structures around water management in the past. Today many key ancient key site...
  • Eurojar Feature - Facing the energy challenge in Algeria’s rural areas
    Algeria's housing program aimed at building 450,000 rural houses from 2005-2009 and beyond, in the rural areas all over the country, in order to keep rural populations in place. A pilot project is carried out in Souidania, where priority is given to local materials and alternative energy sources. ...
  • The active contribution of the Himaya Madanya
    The EuroMed programme aimed at the reduction, prevention and management of natural catastrophes and those caused by man came to an end on 31 March 2008. Joint president of the operational committee, the Algerian civil protection agency has been actively involved in this intermediary programme. ...
  • Project for energy efficiency in the building sector
    In Algeria, social-economic development in rural areas is one of the priorities of the local authorities. Nearly 450,000 housing units are currently being erected in regions that have suffered from Islamic terrorism. Thanks to the European MED-ENEC project, the National Centre for Studies and Inte...
  • EMWIS Algeria: the winning team
    The Euro-Mediterranean Water Information System, or EMWIS, is an online network with the objective of facilitating information exchange in the water sector. Thirty-seven European andMediterranean countries are participating in this network which currently has fourteen national web sites up and runni...
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