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  • EU and UNICEF: working together to give new hope to the children of Syria
    The current crisis in Syria has severely disrupted children’s education. Nearly one in five schools remains destroyed, damaged, or used for shelters. The lack of a safe learning environment, coupled with internal displacement, insecurity and economic restriction, has left an estimated one mi...
  • EuropeAid Feature - Supporting the modernisation of higher education in Syria
    In the process of opening its economy, Syria needs a greater number of graduates to further develop specific economic sectors. Only a competitive higher education system can meet this demand. The current highly centralised system faces the challenge of developing relevant programmes and curricula ...
  • EuropeAid Feature - Erasmus scholarships for Syrian students
    Studying abroad, especially in Europe, might seem expensive and complicated for Syrian students. Many of them wish to go to Europe to complete their studies and then come back to work in Syria. Financial and other barriers could set hurdles to such opportunities. EMP JOSYLEEN (Erasmus Mundus Partn...
  • EuropeAid Feature - Developing energy, boosting the economy and linking the region
    In order to ensure security of energy supply by developing natural gas resources, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria - with Turkey and Iraq as observers - are in the process of integrating their regional gas markets. This entails both legislative and regulatory harmonisation, along with the dev...
  • EuropeAid Feature - Euro-Med Youth Programme in Syria: Building bridges across the Mediterranean
    On both sides of the Mediterranean people often have false visions and ideas of the other which can lead to misunderstandings and tensions.  Cultures, languages and religions sometimes divide people, but they can also be used to inspire tolerance and respect.   http://ec.europa.eu/euro...
  • A bridge of knowledge across the Mediterranean
      It’s a dream for many Syrian students, the dream of studying in Europe. On the other shore of the Mediterranean, there is another dream, that of sharing Europe’s higher education with its neighbours – a dream of intercultural dialogue among students, ultimately leading to a...
  • Building for the future
      Reducing energy consumption is a key objective in the battle against climate change. In Syria, the EU-funded MED-ENEC project has combined inspiration from the past with cutting-edge technologies in a visionary new housing project that promises huge energy savings to its residents....
  • EU connecting Arab and European Gas Markets
    A project that helps develop energy, boost the economy and creates regional links. In Syria there are three priority areas: infrastructure, regulatory framework and transfer of knowledge and skills.   By All4Syria.org    ...
  • Olive mill waste: a source of concern for the environment
    An EU-funded project backs efforts to find common solutions in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan and set up an integrated management system. There will be higher economic benefits and cost reductions if clean production choices are adopted, says the Projects National Director in Syria. ...
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