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  • Water, a link to the Mediterranean identity
    Water heritage in the Mediterranean region reflects the way rural and urban populations coped with the scarcity of water, and how they organised local structures around water management. Today, most of this heritage is unprotected, and recent developments, both societal and economic, threaten its su...
  • Eurojar Feature - RIWAQ to protect cultural heritage in Palestine
    The European Union aims at protecting and developing architectural “common heritage” in Palestine by supporting RIWAQ, a Palestinian NGO, with 165,000 Euros on a period of three years. 50 villages are involved…   Badi’a Zaidan - Ramallah, Eurojar   The EU ha...
  • Eurojar Feature - Raising awareness for the hammam as a cultural heritage
    Within the framework of the Euromed Cultural Heritage IV program, the European Union carried out a development project entitled Hammamed. The main aim is to raise awareness of the hammam as a cultural heritage in the Mediterranean area, through conferences, workshops, dissemination activities&hell...
  • Eurojar Feature - Together, towards restitution of cultural goods
      Illicit traffic of cultural goods constitutes a transnational phenomenon that can only be fought by developing strong international cooperation, which unfortunately turns out to be an arduous task for Euro Mediterranean countries. The European Union is offering support to its partners. B...
  • Greenhouse project: Where filmmakers meet
    A project funded through the Euromed Audiovisual II programme brings together filmmakers from Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. While being trained and supported in their documentaries, the Greenhouse project offers them a platform from where they exchange experiences and views. It...
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