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  • Technology to take a stroll through history
    Is it possible to visit a Roman amphitheatre as if you were right there hundreds of years ago? Not for the moment, but you will be able to soon. A European project financed by the CBC MED programme aims at using innovative multimedia technologies in the management of the cultural and natural heritag...
  • A computer network for the scientific community
      Nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, and radiology: the usage potential of the computation grid for Eumedgrid scientific research – and of the Moroccan interface MaGrid – is immeasurable.  Thanks to this network, Moroccan scientists are connected to all the education and research...
  • A research and education network to tackle the oldest affliction
      Hichem used to be an epileptic, working as a blacksmith. To start with, he tried to conceal his illness from his employer. He took medication for over ten years until the day it stopped having any effect.   This is the story of a young Tunisian who was able to banish the condition on...
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