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  • Reducing the injury and death count on the roads
    The number of victims on the roads in the Euro-Mediterranean region has increased markedly due to a lack of preventive measures, a lack of education and a lack of coordination between the different road safety stakeholders. To help the local authorities improve this situation, the EU is funding a re...
  • EuropeAid Feature - Building the Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea (MoS) - The sea: no longer an obstacle but the engine of trade
    Efficient transport links between the EU and its 10 Mediterranean partners, and among the Mediterranean partners themselves, are crucial for the development of trade and economic flows.   The EU has developed a number of support activities in the transport sector. These activities include s...
  • A new vision for cargo freight
    Imagine you could take container traffic off the roads and put it onto boats and railways… imagine if you could transform customs bureaucracy to achieve the paperless port… This is what the EU-funded EuroMed Transport Motorways of the Sea project is doing through two pilot projects in ...
  • Eurojar Feature - Galileo and Egnos to promote safer transport
    Syria hosted on April 8 a workshop on EU's Egnos and Galielo satellite navigation systems during which speakers from the European Commission presented the on-going EU activities that aim to extend the Egnos signal to Arab countries. Report. Noureddine El-Athar - Damascus, Al Hayat The Eurome...
  • EuroMed Transport Project: The road to growth
      An integrated transport infrastructure is the linchpin for regional economic integration, leading to increased trade and growth in view of a future Euro-Mediterranean free trade area. At the centre of efforts to develop an effective infrastructure network is the EuroMed Transport Project, pr...
  • Building the Motorways of the Sea
    Opening up great maritime highways linking the shores of the Mediterranean is a key challenge for the EU’s cooperation with its southern partners. But to build the motorways of the sea, it’s the small details that make a big difference. For the past three years, an EU-funded project...
  • EGNOS airport security system shown in Morocco
      Boosting safety and management efficiency for the vehicles in and around the airport area is one of the advantages which could stem from the introduction of the European Global Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS), the EU's first contribution to global satellite navigation and a precursor of Ga...
  • Euromed Transport: Linking the dots
    A Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area with truly integrated economic systems is a grand ambition. However, many sectors need work before this goal can possibly be achieved; and transportation is one of them. The Euro-Med Transport Programme is discussing the situation from regional and local perspect...
  • A satellite tracing system for Tunisian merchant shipping
    As part of the Euro-Mediterranean Satellite Navigation project financed by the European Union, a test run of the GNSS system enabling satellite tracing of merchant shipping was carried out in Tunisia. It’s a win-win partnership that benefits both the EU, by enabling it to validate the EGNOS sy...
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