Service procurement notice for €2 million regional capacity building programme for Civil Society Facility South

The European Commission has published a service procurement notice for a €2 million contract for a regional capacity building programme for Civil Society Facility South (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia). The publication reference of the forecast is EuropeAid/132115/C/SER/Multi.
The global objective of this programme is to strengthen regional civil society organisations (CSOs) and to develop a sound network of CSOs within the ENP South region.
The main purpose is to reinforce the existing initiatives of support to non-State actors in the Neighbourhood South, complemented with new elements, and to make CSOs’ efforts in the ENP South region more visible and structured, increasing their involvement in the policy dialogue at the partner country level.
The indicative activities to be implemented are the following:
  • to carry out a mapping study of the Neighbourhood South region aimed at identifying the non-State actors of the region and analysing their needs and capacities to get involved in policy dialogue, as well as the way in which these actors can contribute to specific policies,
  • to provide capacity building to the CSOs and enhance their important role in the democratic reforms requested at this moment, developing especially their advocacy role, monitoring the CSOs in the implementing and the reporting phases of the projects, and providing ad hoc support during all the project life cycle,
  • to facilitate multi-stakeholder consultations and policy dialogue, paying particular attention to enhance civil society visibility in the ENP South region.
The duration of the project is 36 months, with a provisional start date of June 2012.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 12 March 2012
The maximum budget for the contract, funded under the ENPI, is €2 million. (ENPI Info Centre)
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