The Regional Programme and the environment – Environment Day June 5

Recognising that the environment is fragile and is deteriorating, its protection and improvement have become key to the cooperation between the EU and its Mediterranean Partners. This cooperation includes tackling water scarcity and quality, as well as natural or man-made disasters, the reform of environmental standards and infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.
The Regional Programme funds a number of projects under the environment chapter, like Civil Protection, EMWIS (water sector), MEDA water (resource management) and SMAP III (sustainable environmental development). Projects coming under other policy areas, for example MED-ENEC that encourages the use of solar energy, also have a correlation to the environment.
Our new Project Highlight is on the “Euro-Mediterranean Regional Programme for the Environment”
The projects funded by the Regional Programme and links to their fiche and news can be found below:
Civil Protection - Disaster Management - Supports the development of a Euro-Med system of mitigation, prevention and management of natural and man-made disasters.
EMWIS/SEMIDE (water sector) - A tool for the exchange of information and the establishment of cooperation programmes in the water sector, between and within the Partnership Countries.
MEDA Water Programme (resource management) - Reinforces regional cooperation and develops proposals on water management.
SMAP III environment programme - Promotes sustainable development and supports high priority environmental related activities.
MED-ENEC – Encourages energy efficiency and the use of solar energy in the Mediterranean Partner Countries’ construction sector.
EuropeAid website – Environment section
DG Environment – Relations with the Mediterranean
ENP Environmental Policy convergence
Emphasis on the environment is continuing through the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Only recently, a number of handbooks, environmental policy convergence guides for ENP partners were made available. More info can be found on the EuroMed Info Centre website or on DG Environment website.