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Civil society and the broader set of non-state actors  (NSAs) and Local Authorities (LA) are privileged partners of the EU. Support from the EU for these actors encourages them to work towards better governance and more participatory development, increasingly involving citizens through their specific, often complementary, approaches. To facilitate its relationship with civil society and local authorities, the EC has established a space for dialogue and tools tailored to their specific requirements.
The EC has launched an online tool to facilitate access to existing information on and for civil society in development cooperation: CiSocH (Civil Society Helpdesk). With a powerful search tool, CISOCH offers a one-stop-shop for all your questions on cooperation between EuropeAid and civil society - making procedures, vocabulary, methods of work, etc. easier to understand.
The Structured Dialogue is an initiative launched in March 2010 by the European Commission (EC) to address the participation of civil society organisations and local authorities in the EC development cooperation. It aims to improve the effectiveness of all stakeholders involved in European cooperation, based on current global and European debates. The seminars schedule and the content and reference documents are available on CiSocH.
The Commission provides NSA-LA with financial support, of which the objectives are defined in geographic instruments, thematic programmes and instruments.
For the period 2007-2013, the EU’s support to NSAs and local authorities is financed through two types of instruments:
Civil society and local authorities are the prime beneficiaries of these tools and programmes, to which they are asked to participate by means of calls for proposals. Throughout the year, more than 300 calls for proposals are published by both the headquarters and the delegations of the EU based on geographic and thematic programmes available for each country. We recommend you regularly visit the publication site to identify calls that would meet your context: New calls for proposals.
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Promotion of Gaza schools' inclusion
The project aims at supporting governmental teachers from Gaza in promoting school inclusion of the most disadvantaged children and at building the capacities of the Remedial Education Centre in its actions towards promoting inclusive education. Read the full story
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