Research and Innovation in support of the European Neighbourhood Policy: a compendium of projects in the Neighbourhood available online

The European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation has published a booklet that describes projects implemented in the framework of Seventh Framework Programme (2007–13) (FP7) in the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood region.

The booklet presents a selection of FP7 projects, which, among all those involving partners from the Mediterranean Partner Countries or the Eastern Partnership countries, directly contribute to the achievement of the Common Knowledge and Innovation Space (CKIS). Most of these projects are Activities of International Cooperation, a priority of the FP7 'Capacities' programme which supports international science and technology cooperation policies and reinforces scientific relations with third countries.
The projects are organised in nine thematic chapters, and for each project a short description and a list of all participating organisations and contact persons are provided.
The EU's Seventh Framework Programme (2007–13) (FP7), which is the main instrument to implement the EU research and innovation policy, has already paved the way to the CKIS achievement. Through the general opening of the programme and targeted international activities, the FP7 participation of stakeholders from ENP countries has been very strong. Projects with an international component have been funded across all specific programmes of FP7. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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EU Neighbourhood Info Centre press pack - Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Partner Countries: towards a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space 
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