Support to Integrated Border Management Systems in the South Caucasus (SCIBM)

Supports the introduction of European Integrated Border Management principles in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and encourages cooperation, thus facilitating travel and increasing security

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Timeframe: 2009 – 2012

Budget: €6 million


The project aims to facilitate the movement of persons and goods in the South Caucasus states of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, while at the same time maintaining secure borders, through enhancing inter-agency, bilateral and regional border management cooperation both within and among the countries of the South Caucasus region as well as between the countries, EU Member States and other international actors. 
It is implemented by UNDP in cooperation with the Lithuanian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, border agencies, ICMPD, and the French government. 
What does it do?
The project encourages closer cooperation between both the agencies within a country, such as the Border Guards and the Customs Authorities, as well as the agencies in neighbouring countries, based on the premise of the European Integrated Border Management. This leads to more harmonized procedures and better information flows which facilitate easier crossing of borders while maintaining security. An office is set up in each country, while there is a central coordinator in Tbilisi. In order to facilitate work despite political tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the project adopted a three level structure: common training activities for all three countries, bilateral activities between Georgia and Armenia, and Georgia and Azerbaijan, and dedicated national modules for each country. 
It also launched pilot border crossing points that implement activities on the borders, in areas such as mobile checks (train or ferry) and implementation of risk information exchange systems. 

Actions in brief


  • Carries out common executive level training on Integrated Border Management..
  • Organises national activities to help develop or strengthen Integrated Border Management strategies, adapted to the needs of each country.
  • Promotes enhanced bilateral cooperation between Georgia and Armenia and Georgia and Azerbaijan in areas of export/import declarations, risk analysis, primary and secondary control standards, identification of fraudulent documents.
  • Launches pilot border crossing points that implement activities.

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