East Invest - Support to SME sector

A trade facilitation project that contributes to economic development in the Eastern Partership region, in particular by supporting the improvement of its competitiveness, with an emphasis on SMEs

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

Timeframe: 2010–2013

Budget: €7 million + project co-financing €1.75 million


The project aims to support the economic development of the region and contribute to the improvement of its business environment through building up networks among SME business support organisations (BSOs) in the Eastern Partnership region, and between EaP and EU SME business support organisations, in a number of priority sectors (Agribusiness, Alternative energy, ICT, textile, tourism, transport and logistics, sustainable construction). The ultimate goal is to increase BSO participation in enterprise policymaking, and to improve their capacity to provide better services to SMEs.
East-Invest aims to develop trade in the region also through direct support to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in their internationalisation process and by improving their knowledge of the EU acquis.
What does it do?

The project seeks to strengthen public-private dialogue, by bringing SMEs, business facilitators and public-sector SME facilitators together into networks. Capacity building to business organisations is provided to enhance their role in the public-private dialogue. It also facilitates the exchange of best practices and contacts between EU and Eastern Neighbourhood companies with the ultimate goal of reaching business cooperation and trade agreements, transferring technology, introducing product standards, etc.


Actions in brief

The project offers two set of activities: for business support organisations (BSOs) and for SMEs.
For BSOs:
For SMEs:


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