The Danube Wreath Festival: Noah’s Arc Odessa Style

Pottery and weaving, embroidery and beadwork, blacksmiths’ works and rag dolls – but also dancing and cooking… From this year on, the 130 nationalities living in the Odessa border area have one more place where they can showcase their crafts, display the products of their extraordinary skills, and present their culture.  Created within the framework of one of the 13 EU financed Cross Border Cooperation programmes, the Danube Wreath ethnic festival offers to local craftsmen one more opportunity to express themselves. And to show the world that people living in border areas can overcome their shared development challenges, by working together and finding common solutions

This is part of a series of features on projects funded by the EU’s Regional Programme, prepared by journalists and photographers on the ground or the ENPI Info Centre, available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. (ENPI Info Centre)


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EU Neighbourhood Info Centre Photostory: "The Danube Wreath ethnic festival"

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