Pre-information Notice published under Eastern Partnership Culture Programme

The Pre-information Notice has been published (EuropeAid/129262/C/SER/MULTI) in view of the forthcoming contract to set up the Regional Monitoring and Support Unit for the regional Eastern Partnership Culture Programme. The Support Unit, whose aim will be to boost the impact of the programme and enhance regional co-operation, is due to focus on the following tasks:
  • help prepare and evaluate the call for proposals in relation to the Programme;
  • ensure monitoring, guidance, technical support coordination and visibility of the selected projects in order to develop complementarities and synergies between cultural actors and initiatives in the region;
  • ensure visibility and foster dissemination activities related to the Programme (exchange of information and good practices, development of website);
  • set performance indicators and provide training on evaluation tools and methods of measuring the projects' progress and impact;
  • interface and network between project partners and other actors;
  • provide technical assistance to the public authorities in formulating inclusive cultural policies and developing a legal and regulatory framework for the cultural sector;
  • provide capacity-building and training to address the identified skills shortages in the cultural sector;
  • encourage regional networking and develop the regional dimension of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.
The indicative budget for the contract is €3 million. The Service Procurement Notice is due to be published in December 2009.
Pre-information Notice
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