Strengthening capacities in the cultural sector: info sessions in Brussels on 21 October and Kyiv on 25 October


EuropeAid is holding information sessions in Brussels on Thursday 21 October and Kyiv on 25 October on the joint Investing in People/Eastern Partnership Culture Programme call for proposals for Strengthening capacities in the cultural sector (reference: EuropeAid/129338/C/ACT/Multi).
The Brussels session will take place from 8.45am-1pm at the Palais des Beaux Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23. The venue will be available until 5pm, for participants attending the meeting and wishing to have internal discussions between themselves.
The Kiev session will take place from 8.30am-1pm at the Hotel Vozdvyzhensky. The venue will be available until 5pm, for participants attending the meeting and wishing to have internal discussions between themselves. The presentations will be made in English, with Russian interpretation. Questions and answers will be formulated in English and Russian.
The meetings are organised for information purposes only in order to present the objectives and technical contents of the call as well as the rules and procedures governing the submission and evaluation of applications as these are detailed in the guidelines for grant applicants.
The PowerPoint Presentation used at the information sessions will be published on the EuropeAid Calls for Proposals webpage at together with the other documents for the call on 21 October 2010.
Registration is required for applicants wanting to take part in the sessions. For details, download the agendas below.
The overall objective of the call for proposals is to contribute to the creation of a political, regulatory, institutional and economic environment conducive to the strengthening of the cultural sectors and their actors as a vector for sustainable economic, social and human development.
The call targets governance at regional, national and local level focusing on aspects related to the role, management, structure, operating modes and representativeness of professional associations and groups, networks of cultural actors and civil society organisations active in the area of culture and its sectors.
The organisation of cultural or artistic activities must not be the main objective of proposed actions. Nevertheless, some such activities may be included provided that they constitute a minor part of the action and contribute to the achievement of the specific objectives mentioned above.
The call for proposals is divided into two lots – Lot 1: 'Investing in People' (€7million)and Lot 2: Eastern Partnership Culture Programme (€8.4 million) – with the same overall objective but some different specific objectives and different geographic dimensions.
The deadline for the submission of Concept Notes for the call is 19 November 2010. (ENPI Info Centre)
Info session
Agenda for Brussels session
Agenda for Kiev session
Call for proposals
ENPI Info Centre – Double call for proposals issued under Eastern Partnership Culture and Investing in People programmes for Strengthening capacities in the cultural sector
Eastern Partnership Culture Programme – fiche and news


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