Middle East Peace Projects (Partnership for Peace)

Supports local and international civil society initiatives that promote peace, tolerance and non violence in the Middle East

Israel, Jordan and Occupied Palestinian Territory

Timeframe: Ongoing

Budget: Annual budget ranging from €5-10 million

The programme supports local and international civil society initiatives that promote peace, tolerance and non violence in the Middle East, seeking to contribute to the rebuilding of confidence within each society and between societies. Initiatives can be undertaken by each of the target countries, individually or jointly, or together with partners from EU Member States or other eligible countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, West Bank & Gaza, beneficiaries of Pre-Accession Assistance or Member States of the European Economic Area).
The MEPP seeks to strengthen the capacity for conflict resistance and empower marginalised parties as well to build trust between Israelis and Arabs by increasing regional cooperation in areas such as integrated cross-border issues (environment, municipality issues, community development, technical disputes and alike).
What does it do?
The main instrument of MEPP is the EU “Partnership for Peace Programme” (PfP), which supports initiatives in areas which are likely to have a direct impact on people’s everyday lives and welfare, including practical activities to promote communication and understanding. Projects include finding and implementing mechanisms for conflict management and educating communities about concepts and skills for dealing with disputes and for promoting peace. The PfP also seeks to strengthen and increase direct civil society relationships and cooperation, based on equality and reciprocity between Israelis, Palestinians and other Arabs.
A annual call for proposals is published and the selection is made by a committee composed of representatives from each of the three EC offices managing the programme (the EC Technical Assistance Office to the West Bank and Gaza, the EC Delegation in Israel, and the EC Delegation in Jordan). On average, 15 projects are selected each year, with a maximum duration of 36 months, and EC contributions ranging from €50,000 – €500,000. 


What's next?
A new call for proposals will be launched beginning of 2010.


Actions in brief


Actions in brief
  • Implements the PfP programme to reinforce civil society organisations acting in peace building and conflict transformation.
  • Increases the base for support to the Middle East peace process.
  • Empowers marginalized communities and strengthen their capacity to conflict resistance.
  • Raises awareness of decision-makers and public opinion on existing visions for peace
Some example of cross border co-operation:
  • Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum (civil society)
  • The Israel Jordan Integrated Emergency Medical System Concept (health)
  • Keeping the Options Open for Final Status in Jerusalem (peace building) 
  • “Football: Our Common Ground” – Promoting Coexistence between Israeli and Palestinian Youth through Football (youth)
  • Investing in Peace: Palestinian- Israeli Engagement through ICT Business Cooperation (economy)
  • Raptor pest control as a sustainable resource management model in the Jordan Valley in support of the Middle East peace process (environment)
 Some example of national projects:
  • One Voice: Refugee Youth Magazine (refugees)
  • A Seat at the Table: An action to map the obstacles to equality between Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens in government ministries' policy and to develop inclusive practices for shaping equality policies (governance)
  • Community Radio Station in Birzeit Area (media)


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