Service forecast notice for Support Mechanism for sustainable water management and Mediterranean de-pollution programme

 A restricted individual service contract forecast for the Support Mechanism for the Sustainable Water Management and De-Pollution of the Mediterranean programme has been announced by EuropeAid, under the publication reference EuropeAid/129399/C/SER/MULTI.

The purposes of the project are:
  • to draw the attention of Mediterranean Partner Countries’ decision-makers and stakeholders to existing and forthcoming threats to water resources, to the necessity to adopt a more appropriate water consumption and water use model, as well as to the existence of solutions to tackle the problem;
  • to support Partner Countries in designing and implementing sustainable water management policies at national and local levels, in liaison with existing international initiatives in the area concerned;
  • to contribute to ensuring institutional reinforcement and the development of the necessary planning and management skills, in line with Horizon 2020 objectives, and facilitate transfer of know how.
These project purposes will be pursued with a view to addressing the four interlinked issues referred to in the new Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean: water governance, water and climate change, water financing and water demand management.
The indicative maximum budget, funded under the ENPI South programme, is €7 million. The intended timing of publication of the procurement notice is January 2010.
Forecast notice
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