Jean Monnet Programme launches call for proposals on integration

A call for educational project proposals seeking Jean Monnet Programme fundinghas been launched by the European Commission. The deadline for the current call is 15 February 2011, for projects to start, at the earliest, in September 2011.

This particular call concerns projects that aim to stimulate excellence in teaching, research and debate in European integration studies in higher education institutions within and outside the EU. This particular activity of the programme, which falls under the new Lifelong Learning Programme, brings together the two instruments formerly known as the Jean Monnet Action and the Support for Study and Research Centres.
 European integration studies focuses on the origins and evolution of the EU, and analyses both the internal and external dimension of European integration, including the EU’s role in dialogue between peoples and cultures.
The Jean Monnet Programme offers support for associations of professors and researchers specialising in European integration andfor information and research activities relating to European integration. The programme is also looking to fund multilateral research groups from different countries.
The Jean Monnet Programme is now present in 68 countries throughout the world and more than 760 universities offer Jean Monnet courses as part of their curricula.  The Programme brings together a network of 1,600 professors, reaching audiences of 250,000 students every year. (ENPI Info Centre)
Call for proposals
ENPI Info Centre – Education and Training

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