€1 million for information and training seminars programme for Euro-Mediterranean diplomats

The European Commission has published a service procurement notice for information and training seminars for Euro-Mediterranean diplomats with a budget of €1 million, under the reference EuropeAid/132176/C/SER/MULTI.
The 2012–2016 'Information and training seminars for Euro-Mediterranean diplomats' programme aims at facilitating informal exchanges and open dialogue between junior and mid-ranking diplomats who are directly involved in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Union for the Mediterranean. 
Eight semi-annual workshops and seminars (four days each) will be organised under the programme. The contractor will have to provide the necessary technical assistance for the coordination of such events, the identification and development of the seminars' content, linked to EU & ENP policies, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Union for the Mediterranean (based on needs analysis), the organisation of the logistics of the seminars, and the continuation of the existing Web network activities.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 02 May 2012 (16:00), Central European Time.
The provisional starting date of the 48-month contract is 1 August 2012.
The programme follows a similar project funded by the EU between 2004 and 2009. (ENPI Info Centre)
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Tender notice and further information
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