Perceptions of the EU in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Evolving attitudes 2009 - 2010

More and more Palestinians think that the EU can help bring peace and stability to the region. Palestinians also increasingly think that the EU should play a greater role in promoting democracy. These are just some of the findings to emerge in the third in a series of polls carried out at six-month intervals between December 2009 and November 2010, just one month before the wave of popular demand for change began in Tunisia. The results are part of the EU-funded Opinion Polling and Research (OPPOL) project, funded under the 2007-2010 European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) regional information and communication programme.
The three waves of opinion polls summarize the outcomes of 400 interviews with members of the general public in Palestine, and are designed to generate better information about awareness, understanding and perception of the EU and the role it plays in the partner countries. The final poll also sought to identify evolving perceptions of the EU.
Among other findings, the latest poll found thatPalestinians see EU-Palestine relations in an increasingly positive light: more and more describe these relations as good, while significantly fewer people now assess these relations as bad.The polls also suggest that Palestinian personal values have become much closer to perceived values of the EU. (ENPI Info Centre)


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