Gender relations in international migration the focus of Euromed Migration II seminar


A seminar held in Athens by the Euromed Migration II project has explored the concept of gender relations in international migration.  The main purpose of the exercise was to show how this concept impacts the analysis of international migration, highlighting the effects on migrants - both male and female - of migration policies presented as gender neutral.
This gender approach has been developed in relation with to other social relationships in which migrant women are involved, namely social relationships around class, race and North/South. The reports presented during the seminar showed how these social relationships influence the legal status of migrant women, their image and their position in the social hierarchy of European host societies.

The seminar enabled participants to identify new migratory configurations surrounding female migrations, and to highlight their complexity. This can be seen in the diversity of female migratory profiles (legal and illegal migrations, labour migrations, migrations to do with asylum or forced exile, migrations to bring families together, the trade in and trafficking of humans etc.).
Participants were also provided with up-to-date information on the realities of international female migration. The training session stimulated exchanges between speakers and participants from the nine MEDA countries, some of which have been major suppliers of labour to Europe.
Euromed Migration II aims at strengthening cooperation in the management of migration so as to build up the Mediterranean Partners' capacity to provide an effective, targeted and comprehensive solution to the various forms of migration.  It assists them in creating mechanisms to promote opportunities for legal migration, support for measures to promote the linkage between migration and development and the stepping up of activities to stamp out human trafficking and illegal immigration, and to manage mixed flows. (ENPI Info Centre)
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