EU supports detainees’ rights in Lebanon

The Head of the EU Delegation to Lebanon, Angelina Eichhorst, has launched the refurbishment of the arrest centre of the Baabda Court house in the framework of the project "Action for prevention and rehabilitation of victims of torture and other ill-treatment during police custody, pretrial detention and incarceration", funded by the European Union and implemented by the Association for Justice and Mercy (AJEM).
A press release said the project has achieved significant results since 2009, both in terms of victim support and improvement of tools available to security forces to accomplish their mission in respect of human rights.
The construction and equipping of cells inside police stations and disciplinary centres aims to maximize space, improve ventilation and lighting in order to ensure humane conditions of detention. This will also allow the detention of a larger number of defendants within the courthouse, reducing thereby the overcrowding of prisons on one hand, and the wait before a trial on the other.
Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst said that "more than 700 victims, men and women among the detainees and prisoners have so far received legal, psychological and/ or medical support”. Stressing that the EU will continue to support human rights’ defenders, she thanked all partners in the project, including the AJEM team for its dedication and professionalism, and praised the efforts of the internal security forces and the judicial institution whose active participation in the project shows its commitment in the fight against abuse.(ENPI Info Centre)

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