Maritime risks in focus: exchanging good practices in the Mediterranean with the support of MAPMED

The issue of maritime risks in the Mediterannean was in focus at a meeting recently held in the Spanish city of Valencia, involving the active participation of the MAPMED cross-border cooperation project (Management of port areas in the Mediterranean Sea Basin), funded under the ENPI CBCMED programme.
The event was organised by the Mediterranean Lab Group, a platform for thematic discussion and exchange of good practices, which aims at clustering projects and identifying potential in areas such as natural risks, especially forest fires, maritime risks and transport.
The meeting brought together 25 participants representing projects implemented in the Mediterranean region, the Baltic, the Atlantic and North Sea areas, and served as an opportunity for the MAPMED project to share its innovative approach with regards to the support provided to public authorities for the sustainable management of tourist ports and harbours.
Among the key problems raised by participants were the access to data, the involvement of the right actors in projects, and the need for better coordination at the administrative level. Future steps include the drafting of a brochure on maritime safety featuring lessons and recommendations for decision-makers.
The ‘ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2007/2013’ is a multilateral cross-border cooperation programme co-financed by the EU under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.
The EU also funds a regional maritime safety project, SAFEMED, which promotes co-operation in maritime safety and security and prevention of pollution from ships by providing technical advice and support. (ENPI Info Centre)          
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