Euromed Youth trains Tunisian NGOs on preparing a youth project

The Euromed Youth Unit in Tunisia has held an information and training session, with another three trainings scheduled, on how to prepare a good project under the Euromed Youth IV programme, bringing together a hundred participants.
A press release said the information/training session, which took place on 10 and 11 December 2011 in the "Sahloul Hammam" Youth House of Sousse, included a workshop on the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and youth exchanges prepared and presented by two trainees who attended the TOTEM II training of trainers, held in Adrasan, Turkey from 18 to 28 October 2011. 
Another more specific training session will be held in Monastir on 24 and 25 December 2011, during which more tools and tips will be offered to the Tunisian NGOs on how to prepare and draft a Euromed project, including the objectives, methodology, etc...
Two more training sessions will take place on 7-8 and 28-29 January 2012, gathering 30 to 40 participants. Institutions and youth associations wishing to participate to one of the sessions are invited to complete and submit the application form.
EuroMed Youth IV is funded by the EU during the period 2010-2013 with a budget of €5 million under the European Neighbourhood Policy. The programme aims at stimulating and encouraging mutual comprehension among young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region, fighting stereotypes and prejudices and enhancing the sense of solidarity among youth by promoting active citizenship. It also seeks to contribute to the development of youth policies in the Mediterranean Partner Countries. (ENPI Info Centre)
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Euromed Youth Unit in Tunisia webpage
EuroMed Youth IV – fiche and news
EuroMed Youth IV – website
ENPI Info Centre webpage – youth

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