Union for the Mediterranean and ETF to cooperate on promoting human capital development in Southern Med

 The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the European Training Foundation (ETF) have signed a letter of intent for establishing a cooperation aiming to promote human capital development as a key aspect in the development of cohesive and sustainable economies and societies in the southern Mediterranean.

A press release said the document, signed on 30 January in Bari, Italy, on the margins of the third plenary session of the Euro-Mediterranean Association of Regional and Local Authorities (ARLEM), by ETF director Ms Madlen Serban and Lino Cardarelli, the Acting Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, is the result of several exchanges with the most important stakeholders active in the Southern Mediterranean regions.
With this document, the UfM and the ETF will work together on sharing their networks in the Mediterranean, in addition to exchanging information and analysis on countries and regions. Moreover, the two organisations will carry out joint thematic activities. The ETF will also provide expertise in the framework of the UfM SME core group, and in addition will be part of the experts’ board for the upcoming Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs, which the UfM Secretariat will kick off soon.
The European Training Foundation is an agency of the European Union established to contribute to the development of the education and training systems of the EU partner countries. With an annual budget of €18 million, its mission is to help transition and developing countries to harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labour market systems in the context of the EU's external relations policy. (ENPI Info Centre)
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