Forecast for €5 million project for cleaner energy-saving Mediterranean cities

The European Commission has published a forecast for a €5 million contract for a 36-month technical assistance project to encourage and support local authorities in the ENPI South region to achieve more sustainable local policies and eventually to prepare them for signing up to the Covenant of Mayors. The publication reference of the forecast is EuropeAid/132630/SER/Multi.

According to the project description, the project will help local authorities significantly to increase the use of sustainable policies falling under their competence such as renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency measures to reduce CO2 emissions as well as efficient water and waste management, use of environmentally friendly public transport and mobility means, etc.
The expected results are:
· improved knowledge on and support of national authorities to the role of local authorities in sustainable policy issues,
· a number of ENPI South cities sign up to the Covenant of Mayors or undertake a similar commitment,
· action plans for sustainable local development policies are developed by local authorities improving access to financing,
· the capacity of local authorities in the region is increased, with regards to the introduction of sustainable policies at urban level and the design, development and achievement of sustainable policies,
· the awareness of the local population with regard to sustainable policies and sustainable energy is improved,
· a number of demonstration projects in sustainable policies & sustainable energy (energy efficiency/renewable energy, etc.) are implemented,
· lasting partnerships between local/regional authorities in the EU and in the ENPI South region are created,
· 2 regional focal points are established which could become supporting structures and/or Covenant of Mayors offices later on.
The maximum budget for the project is €5 million
(ENPI Info Centre)
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