New phase of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of justice: Euromed Justice III launched in Brussels

The Euromed Justice III project held its opening conference in Brussels on 29 February, introducing the content, the working methodology and the timeline of activities of the new phase of the programme, funded by the EU with a budget of €5 million over the period 2011-2014.
Marcus Cornaro, Neighbourhood Director at EuropeAid stressed the operational nature of the project saying "Euromed Justice III, which complements our bilateral initiatives, constitutes a fundamental concrete tool towards the reinforcement and deepening of democracy, and establishment of a fair judicial order".   
Fully taking into account the lessons learned from Euromed Justice I and II, Euromed Justice III will continue encouraging and facilitating the dialogue between Euro-Mediterranean Partner Countries on the access to justice and legal aid, on the resolution of cross-border family conflicts and on criminal and penitentiary law.
All representatives of the ENPI South Partner Countries, as well as of the EU Member States renewed their commitment to increase the dialogue and exchange on judicial matters. Their engagement allowed the preparation of a draft work plan, which takes into account the specific expertise of each country. 
The new phase of the project was also welcomed also by the European Agencies and institutions, and the international organisations represented at the conference, such as Eurojust, the European Judicial Network (EJN), the Hague Conference, the Council of Europe, which all offered to share their expertise in order to attain this project's objectives.
Euromed Justice III, funded by the EU with a budget of €5 million over the period 2011-2014, aims to support the development of the Mediterranean partners' institutional and administrative capacity and good governance in the field of justice, including the modernisation of justice systems, the simplification of judicial proceedings and improved access to justice.  (ENPI Info Centre)
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