Proud of my city: EU project to promote the Medina of Tangier

Under the slogan ‘PROUD of my city’, street shows, theatre performances, and juggling exhibitions will be held on 25 March to inaugurate six tourist routes of the Medina of Tangier, produced by the EU-funded project ‘Siwa and Tangier: a heritage for a better life’ within the framework of the Euromed Heritage IV Programme.

From 4pm, starting at Place 9 avril, various events will occur on the six tourist itineraries that lead to Place du Méchoir, where a show will present the history of the city and its heritage. These itineraries, selected by a team of cultural heritage city experts, are a means of recognizing and valuing the rich heritage of the medina of Tangier. Ten signs are located at entrances and alleys of the medina to help visitors follow the routes through the maze of the medina and enhance its heritage, its history and architectural treasures.
Besides the signs, a guidebook of the itineraries will be presented for the first time to the public on the occasion of the inauguration. This guide will be distributed in French and Arabic, so as to accompany the visitor in the discovery of the sites and monuments mentioned in the itineraries and to allow readers to deepen their knowledge about the medina of Tangier.
This project, which has a budget of just under €1 million, is implemented by the Italian association COSPE, in partnership with the Kasbah Museum in Tangier, the Ministry of Culture and the SCDEC Association in Siwa (Egypt). Its objectives are to preserve and enhance the local cultural heritage in Morocco and Egypt within a sustainable development framework, as well as to create effective management tools for sustainable safeguard of the tangible and intangible heritage in Tangier and of the Berber culture in Siwa.
EuroMed Heritage IV is a €17 million EU-funded programme which contributes to the exchange of experiences on cultural heritage, creates networks and promotes cooperation with the Mediterranean Partner Countries. It focuses on the appropriation by the local populations of their cultural heritage and favours access to education and knowledge of cultural heritage. It supports a framework for the exchange of experiences, channels for the dissemination of best practices and new perspectives aimed at the development of an institutional cultural environment. (ENPI Info Centre)
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