Montada in Marrakech: assessing the evolution of the oral heritage of Jamâa El Fna

The Montada project, funded by the EU under the EuroMed Heritage IV programme, is organising on Saturday 24 March a study day on the evolution of the oral heritage of Marrakech's famous Jamaâ El Fna square and the measures for its protection.

The issues that will be discussed concern in particular the results of an inquiry on the evolution of the entertainment in the square, the situation of the artist and his appreciation on the halqa. The experts will treat also the following issues: the historical component including its past and its origins, its situation before and after the protectorate; Jamâa El Fna square through the writings of foreign visitors; the evolution of the square through the image; the analysis of the entertainment in the square; the present situation and the future of the halqa; what are the threats, the opportunities and the actions to undertake, and what are the probabilities to ensure the sustainability of some endangered styles?
A debate will follow to study together the recommendations on the arrangements to consider for the preservation and the promotion of the oral heritage of Jamaâ El Fna.
Funded by the EU under the EuroMed Heritage IV programme with a budget of €1.5 million over a period of three years, Montada, which is implemented in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, aims to promote traditional built heritage by strengthening its identity through appropriation by the population. EuroMed Heritage IV is a €17 million EU-funded programme which contributes to the exchange of experiences on cultural heritage, creates networks and promotes cooperation with the Mediterranean Partner Countries. (ENPI Info Centre)
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