Youth employment in focus at seminar held by new TRESMED project

Youth employment policies were in the spotlight at a seminar held in the framework of the new EU-funded TRESMED 4 project, which aims to strengthen the consultative role of economic and social partners in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.
The seminar was hosted by the Economic and Social council of Jordan at its premises in Amman, bringing together participants from the Economic and Social Councils of Jordan, Spain and Italy, as well as civil society representatives from Tunisia and Egypt.
Opening the meeting, the vice president of the Economic and Social Council of Jordan, Mr. Mazen Ma’aytah underlined the significance of the issue, which he identified as a central element of the upheavals in the Arab world, which is blighted by high unemployment and the inability to provide young people with sufficient job opportunities.
Mr. Ma’aytah also stressed the need to consider the private sector as a source of employment opportunity, instead of relying entirely on the public sector and the government to create jobs.
Also speaking at the seminar, the Head of Operations at the EU Delegation in Amman, Ms. Irene Meganson, said the EU had designed special projects for neighbouring countries, aiming to move towards democracy and support labour training, SMEs and cooperation among citizens.
Participants shared experiences from their respective countries regarding issues such as policies to encourage youth employment facilitate the integration of young people into the labour market, their representation in civil society organisations, the role of economic and social partners in vocational training, and the detection of good practices and ways of cooperation within the region.
TRESMED 4 focuses on priorities identified at the end of the previous phase of the project: youth, employment, education, women, regional cooperation and best practices. Financed by the European Union and managed by the Economic and Social Council of Spain, TRESMED 4 works in close coordination with other Economic and Social Councils in the region as well as the European Economic and Social Committee. (ENPI Info Centre)
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