Euro-Med security forces meet to discuss cyber terrorism challenge

A meeting in Madrid last week brought together members of the security services from across the southern Mediterranean to discuss ways of countering the threat posed by cyber terrorism.
The training seminar was held in the framework of the EU-funded Euromed Police III project and hosted 28 delegates from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority and Tunisia – all form the security services of their countries and professionally concerned by the topic.

The themes tackled included:
  • analysing how terrorist groups use the Internet or social networks, in order, not only to spread their propaganda and carry out recruitment, but also to display how to buy weapons, to make explosives, and even sometimes to prepare real terrorist attacks;
  • explaining investigation techniques liable to detect such activities while complying with the legal requirements to ensure the respect or the rule of law during prosecutions;
  • giving all the elements on the use of specific forensic tools to increase the efficiency of investigation and to gather, in the field of electronic communication, evidence sufficiently convincing to launch prosecutions with a high probability of success.
Euromed Police III aims to enhance the professional capacities of the Police/Security services of the Southern Mediterranean countries as well as to develop international police cooperation, between EU member States and Southern Mediterranean countries as well as between Southern Mediterranean countries themselves in the field of combating major aspects of organised crime (terrorism, drugs-trafficking, trafficking in human beings, financial crime, cybercrime, weapons trafficking, smuggling and counterfeiting, risks induced by big events, etc.). Another long term objective is to create a network of police professionals for better cooperation and exchange of good practices and experience. (ENPI Info Centre)
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