Media Neighbourhood: would you like to train to be a Mentor?

The EU-funded Media Neighbourhood project is looking to recruit at least 50 journalists with a senior editorial background from across the EU's Neighbourhood, east and south, to act as mentors, playing a key role in the implementation of the project.
Media Neighbourhood is a three-year journalist training programme funded by the European Union and delivered by a consortium led by BBC Media Action in Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, the occupied Palestinian territory, Russia, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.
The programme aims to strengthen the professional capacity of journalists, particularly in the areas of media independence and online media, and to improve the reporting of EU policies within the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Training will be through workshops held in these countries and led by senior journalists and highly experienced trainers from the BBC, AFP and the other international media organisations in the consortium.
The mentors, drawn from a senior editorial background in broadcast/print or online media, will have a very important role to play in the project. Training will be provided to them in all the elements below. The duties of mentors are:
       To oversee the continuing learning of up to 10 trainees a year who have taken part in a Media Action training course. This will include being available for help and advice, encouraging them to participate in the network, and giving them feedback on the pieces they produce.
       To stimulate and encourage debate and comment on the social media networks used by the project
       To help trainees put their pieces/stories up on the Media Neighbourhood website
       To ensure that the issues facing your country and its relationship with the EU are represented on the Media Neighbourhood website
       To be a first point of contact for the Media Neighbourhood project in your country
       To help build a network of journalists across the Middle East and Eastern Europe to share information, stories and experience
       To help build a network of contacts in your own country and across the countries of the project which will be of use to everyone
       To help the trainers select trainees for the programme
       To help publicise the programme to your colleagues and peers
Mentors will be provided with opportunities to develop their own skills and career through this programme.
       A five-day Mentor course, which will cover an introduction to the Media Neighbourhood programme, training and mentoring, information about the European Neighbourhood, media ethics and sustainability, and a production element.
       A two-day Study Tour to Brussels. Mentors will be offered the opportunity to travel to Brussels to visit the key European Institutions and to meet fellow journalists working in the field.
       Mentors will be invited to all training events within their country and will be notified of all regional events.
Candidates must be senior journalists/editors from a Broadcast/Print or Online background, with at least 5 years’ experience of hands-on journalism and at least two years’ experience at a senior level. They must be able to speak ONE of these languages: Russian or Arabic or English or French.
The main drive for applications will be from May-August 2012 but there will continue to be applications throughout the project.
Media Neighbourhood is one of three projects funded under the EU's Regional Information and Communication Programme. The other two projects are:
       Information support campaign EU Neighbourhood Info Centre ( focused on information production and dissemination and communications support;
       Analysis tools conducting media monitoring and opinion surveys.
(EU Neighbourhood Info)
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