A bridge of knowledge across the Mediterranean


It’s a dream for many Syrian students, the dream of studying in Europe. On the other shore of the Mediterranean, there is another dream, that of sharing Europe’s higher education with its neighbours – a dream of intercultural dialogue among students, ultimately leading to a better world.
In Syria the Tempus program has financed 35 projects allowing the mobility of 300 Syrian Academics to European Universities. Tempus(Trans-European Mobility Program for the University Studies) is based on the transfer of experiences from European educational institutions to their counterparts in neighbouring countries. Erasmus Mundus was inspired by the highly successful Erasmus programme, an internal EU programme supporting co-operation and mobility between European higher education institutions. It offers a valuable framework for exchange and dialogue between cultures and gives many Syrian students the opportunity to complete their education in European universities.
This is part of a series of features on projects funded by the EU’s Regional Programme, prepared by journalists and photographers on the ground or the ENPI Info Centre available in English, French and Arabic. (ENPI Info Centre)

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