Agadir Agreement – EU support project (phase II)

Contributes to the realisation of a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area and promotes economic integration in the region, through consolidating the institutional framework set up under the Agadir Agreement

Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt

Timeframe: 2008 - 2012

Budget: €4 million


The project aims to contribute to progress in the realisation of a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area and promote economic integration between countries in the region, through consolidating the institutional framework set up under the Agadir Agreement, signed by Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, and works to identify the potential for, and removing constraints on, expanded intra-regional trade.
The Agadir Agreement seeks to promote faster economic integration and cooperation between these four countries, reinforcing south-south cooperation. It contributes to the on-going process of economic liberalisation throughout the Mediterranean region, and supports the Euro-Med Partnership’s goal of creating a regional Free Trade Area.
What does it do?
The project consolidates the progress achieved under the first phase towards setting up an effective institutional framework for trade integration in the Mediterranean region. It further develops the capacity of the Agadir Technical Unit to support the four current Partner Countries, and potential future signatories to the Agadir Agreement, in its effective implementation.
It also supports the Agadir Technical Unit in achieving the objectives of the Agadir Agreement as regards creation of a Free Trade Area, promoting economic integration within the Agadir area and with the European market and enhancing investment in the Agadir countries through technical assistance, training activities relevant to implementation of the Agreement, and support to awareness raising and promotional activities.


Actions in brief


  • Provides technical, administrative and financial assistance to the development of the Agadir Technical Unit.
  • Disseminates information on the Agadir integration process.
  • Assists implementation of sector specific action plans for textiles, auto parts and other sectors offering possibilities for economic integration.
  • Produces economic and sector studies assessing the opportunities for increased integration between the Agadir partners and the EU.
  • Designs business networking and investment promotion activities.
  • Supports technical working groups and conducts training activities.
  • Analyses technical barriers to trade, and develops recommendations on measures permitting mutual recognition of conformity certificates.

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