EUMEDIS - information and communication technologies

Supports the development of information society in the Mediterranean Partner Countries, through promoting information and communication technologies

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey

Timeframe: 1999-2007

Budget: €65 million (MEDA)

It aims at contributing towards the development and modernisation of the Euro-Mediterranean Information Society, and thus bring about economic development, improve quality of life and promote understanding.
The Euro-Mediterranean Information Society Initiative (EUMEDIS) project focuses on the modernisation of the most strategic sectors and reinforces support tools and methodologies.
What does it do?
The programme has funded the establishment of focal points in Mediterranean Partner Countries that operate as an information exchange network, while resources were allocated to support interconnection between EU and Mediterranean research networks, via the internet (Euromed Connect project). EUMEDIS also focused on disseminating new technologies and contributing to improved integration of the Mediterranean Partners into the Information Society environment.
It has also funded regional pilot Information Society projects in five priority sectors, namely healthcare networks, electronic commerce, tourism and cultural heritage, industry, research and innovation and education. It targets hospitals, chambers of commerce, industrial federations, universities, research and professional institutions, museums, and NGOs promoting cultural heritage and tourism.  
What's next?
In 2009, EUMEDRegNet, with €5 million will support and further improve the mutually beneficial Information Society cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean Partner Countries, building on the achievements of the EUMEDIS and other Regional initiatives.

Actions in brief

  • Carries out 20 regional pilot projects applying information technologies in several sectors, from education to healthcare networks, cultural heritage and industry.
  • Creates several networks: interconnecting Mediterranean Hydrographical institutions (MEDCHARTNET),  interconnecting institutions of higher education  (ODISEAME),  the network of 15 AVICENNA Knowledge Centres, network for open distance learning, the network of centres of excellence supporting enterprise creation (Med pride), a Mediterranean cultural tourism info-service (DAEDALUS);
  • EMPHIS project identifies three categories of infectious diseases which could be tackled more effectively through the use of ICT.

EU Cooperation with Syria is currently suspended due to the political situation in the country; however, since in principle Syria is eligible for cooperation under the ENPI, activities may be taken up again once the situation improves.
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