Press releases that… grab attention! Step-by-step guide

This step by step guide, based on the Info Centre publication “Writing to Grab Attention”, will lead you through not only the standard elements necessary to produce a press release, but also the way you should write them to turn them into real journalistic stuff.

This handbook is part of a series of publications produced by the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre. Some of the others are: A Photographer’s Handbook (2012), A Journalist’s Handbook (2012 edition), Writing to Grab Attention Handbook (2012), and the EU Funding Handbook (2013).
Also available on the Info Centre website is an online Neighbourhood Glossary, in an A to Z format (English, French, Arabic, Russian) and a separate glossary for each region, East and South, in pdf format.
Download the Press Releases that Grab Attention in English, French, Arabic and Russian.
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