EuropeAid hosting Brussels info session on call for Euromed Audiovisual III

EuropeAid is organising an information session in Brussels on 19 March (Boulevard du Roi Albert II, No. 5/2, B-1210 Bruxelles) to answer questions regarding the call for proposals under its Euromed Audiovisual III programme.
The meeting will include presentations on the objectives and technical contents of the Programme, as well as the rules concerning this call for proposals. There will also be a question and answer session.
The European Commission has allocated €5 million for the call for proposals in question (reference EuropeAid/129593/C/ACT/MULTI).
The general objective of the call is to contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue and to support cultural diversity, by:
  • developing and reinforcing cinematographic and audiovisual capacity in the Partner Countries;
  • promoting complementarity and integration of film and audiovisual industries in the region; and
  • promoting the free movement of audiovisual goods and services in the sector.
The deadline for the submission of applications for the call is 1 June 2010.
To participate in the information session, applicants must register before 15 March 2010.
Minutes of the meeting will be made available on the EuropeAid web site. (ENPI Info Centre)
Euromed Audiovisual III Information Day
ENPI Info Centre – €5 million call for proposals for Euromed Audiovisual III
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