Euromed Intercultural Dialogue Award 2010 to focus on ecological sustainability

With 2010 declared the UN International Year for Biodiversity, the Anna Lindh Foundation is launching the fifth edition of its Euromed Award for the Dialogue between Cultures on the theme of "Ecological Sustainability”.
A press release said the Award, co-founded in 2006 by the Foundation and its Italian Head of Network 'Fondazione Mediterraneo', is a unique prize recognizing the achievements of individuals and organizations working for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the Euromed region and bestowed by the 43 National Civil Society Networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation.
Members of the Anna Lindh National Networks are invited to nominate by 20 May either an individual or an organization known for their efforts in dealing with the environment and biodiversity preservation, sustainable development, climate protection, sustainable lifestyles and consumption patterns, cultural and biological diversity, and culture of coexistence between man and nature.
The selection of the winner of the Euromed Award is a participatory process which involves Heads and members of the Anna Lindh National Networks. The winner of the Award will receive a trophy during a prestigious bestowing ceremony and will participate in two National Network events, one of which to be organized in a Southern Mediterranean country.
Previous editions of the Award included Combatants for Peace (Palestine/Israel), Rima Maroun (Lebanon), Rodi Kratsa (Greece), Jan Willems – Theatre Day Productions (Netherlands/Palestine) and Deir Mar Musa Monastery (Syria).
The Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures is a €7 million EU-funded project which aims at bringing people and organisations of the region closer and promoting dialogue, by offering them opportunities to work together on projects in the fields of culture, education, science, human rights, sustainable development, the empowerment of women and the arts. The Foundation is the first institution to be jointly created and co-financed by all member countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. (ENPI Info Centre)
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