EU takes another stride towards mobility partnership with Morocco

Within the framework of the new dialogue on migration, mobility and security, EU representatives held their first discussions in Rabat with representatives of the Moroccan government last week, with the aim of enhancing cooperation to ensure better and safer mobility conditions for their citizens. After Tunisia, Morocco is the first Mediterranean partner country to benefit from such a dialogue with the EU, which should lead to the establishment of a Mobility Partnership between the EU, its EU member states and Morocco.
The Partnership will provide a full set of balanced measures jointly agreed by both parties, and adapted to their needs and expectations. Such measures will relate, among others, to visa facilitation for certain categories of persons, readmission, border management, access to the EU labour market, migration and asylum. They will also aim at improving the capacity of Morocco in these areas, and ensuring a better protection of the Moroccan community residing abroad.
This dialogue builds on the existing cooperation between Morocco and the EU on migration issues, and the country’s ongoing commitment to implementing a global and balanced approach to migration management as discussed during the Euro-African conference held in Rabat in July 2006.
The mobility dialogue falls within the framework of the implementation of the Advanced Status adopted in December 2008, which further enhances the privileged partnership between the EU and Morocco.
Following their first meeting, both parties agreed to meet again before the end of the year in order to identify specific measures which will serve as a basis for the Mobility Partnership. (ENPI Info Centre)
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ENPI Info Centre - EU leaders agree on migration, mobility and security dialogue with Neighbours

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