ETF experts in Libya to assess role of vocational training in post-conflict recovery

A team of experts from the European Training Foundation (ETF) were in Libya this month to examine how assistance in vocational education and training can help in the country's post-conflict recovery and the future economic diversification.

During their two-week mission, ETF experts looked at how to implement a €5 million technical and vocational education and training programme in Libya, agreed in principle between the EU and the Libyan government.
The ETF delegation met with Ali Ahman Saleh, Deputy Minister of Planning and Mokhtar Jwaili, Chairman of the National Board for Technical and Vocational Education, while ETF experts carried out site visits at schools and talked to representatives of international NGOs active in the country.  

"It’s a new situation for us, even though the ETF worked in the past in the countries that came out of violent conflicts," said Henrik Faudel, who led the ETF mission in Tripoli. "There are many needs in Libya. One of which is better match between educational offer with what is expected in the labour market."
"There are also some more urgent issue to be solved like what to do with thousands of young revolutionaries. They might need retraining to come back to civilian life," said Mr Faudel.
This is the ETF first mission to Libya since the country officially became a partner country. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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