Media and Culture call for proposals: find the answers to your questions


EuropeAid has published a set of questions and answers regarding the call for proposals for the regional programme "Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean", reference EuropeAid/134169/C/ACT/Multi. The programme has a budget of €9 million and aims at promoting media and culture as vectors for development in the Southern Mediterranean region.
The Q&A includes 15 of the most common questions and their answers, ranging from eligibility to funding questions and more general issues.
An information meeting is provisionally scheduled for 14 May 2013 in Brussels upon registration at the following email address by 6 May 2013:
The specific objectives of this Call are to enhance a more independent media sector and a more diverse, professional and sustainable cultural sector in the South Mediterranean Region. The Call for Proposals is divided into two lots:
·      Lot 1 (€3 million): Enhancement of a more independent media sector (online and offline).
·      Lot 2 (€6 million): Enhancement of a more diverse, professional and sustainable cultural sector.
This call for proposal is a part of the regional programme "Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean" approved by the EC end of 2012. This programme has been allocated a total budget of €17 million over a four-year period, of which €9 million is for the award of grants on a co-financing basis (under this call for proposals) and €8 million for one capacity-development mechanism on media and one capacity-development mechanism on culture (two service contracts awarded under calls for tenders to be published shortly). (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Questions and Answers
Corrigendum and revised indicative timetable
Call for Proposals
Other information and documents
EU Neighbourhood Info Centre – EU launches new regional programme to support media and culture as vectors of development in the Southern Mediterranean (12-12-12)
Action fiche (page 11)
EU Neighbourhood Info Centre - Audiovisual and media


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