EU Delegation to Morocco highlights cooperation projects in new publication


The EU Delegation to Morocco has released new project fiches covering various areas of cooperation ranging from public administration, education and civil society to social development, energy and environment. The publication provides practical information relating to the main projects which are currently being implemented within the framework of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Morocco.
The twelve-page publication, available in French only, contains a brief description of each project, while clearly outlining the key objectives, partners as well as facts and figures. In the area of public administration, the main focus has been on the implementation of the Action Plan and the Advanced Status within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Over €40 million were provided by the EU to fund twinning programmes involving public institutions in Morocco.
In order to support Moroccan infrastructure, the EU has granted more than €20million to improve access of the local population in the Northern provinces to transport routes, goods and services. In the area of civil society and human rights, the EuroMed Youth IV Programme promotes cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and active citizenship with the aim of establishing sustainable partnerships.
In the field of energy and environment, the EU has allocated more than €70 million to reform the energy sector in the country. The main objective of the EU-funded programme ‘Support to the Reform of the Energy Sector in Morocco’ is to enhance the security of energy supply, diversify energy sources and promote the use of renewable energy.
In the realm of education, the EU is providing €113 million to support the implementation of the National Education and Training Charter, with a view to reforming the Moroccan education system, and more broadly, to promoting the political, economic and social development of the country. The fight against illiteracy has also been a priority for the EU, with €27 million granted for institutional support and capacity-building initiatives targeting 11 regions with the highest illiteracy rates.
In addition, the EU-funded TEMPUS programme has contributed to funding 75 projects for an amount exceeding €45 million, with the aim of training the trainers, encouraging mobility and exchange with the private sector, and upgrading the quality assurance system. Moroccan universities will also have the opportunity to benefit from the call for proposals for 2011-2012 under the Erasmus programme, which seeks to encourage student mobility and exchange.
A key area of cooperation between the EU and Morocco remains social development, including improved access to health services and the reform of the Moroccan healthcare system. To that end, the EU has allocated €86 million to support the country in its reform efforts while extending the availability of healthcare services to the most vulnerable populations.(ENPI Info Centre)
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