Intercultural dialogue through music: set the date for Jazz au Chellah

The EU Delegation to Morocco, together with the embassies and cultural centers of the EU member states and in partnership with the Culture Ministry and the wilaya of Rabat Salé, is organising the 17th edition of the 'Jazz au Chellah' Festival from 13 to 17 June 2012.

An announcement said this year’s edition would be characterised by cultural diversity. “This year, we will focus on the variety of styles and there won’t be two bands with the same sounds,” said Jean Pierre Bissot and Majid Bekkas, the artistic directors of the festival.
Forty artists representing 14 EU countries will be present, whereas from the Moroccan side, different aspects of the musical identity (guitar, “oud”, “gnaoua”, etc) will be focused upon. “The festival evolves. Now, there is a real jazz identity linked to Chellah,” Jean-Pierre Bissot explained.
Each edition of the festival is the opportunity for an intercultural dialogue between European and Moroccan musicians which is not limited to 'Jazz au Chellah', but which gives birth to new bands and new musical collaborations between the artists. The 2011 edition celebrated the mix between European jazz and Moroccan traditional music (Toine Thys Band and Farid Mayara, Pino MInafra and Mahmoud Guinéa, Soren Bebe and Faïz Lamouri). Approximately 1,500 people have flocked every day to attend the shows, making 'Jazz au Chellah' a must of the festivals in Rabat.
The 17th edition, which promises to be “soft” and “to restore its human aspect” according to the artistic directors, will undoubtedly keep its promises and promote the intercultural exchange between both shores of the Mediterranean. (ENPI Info Centre)
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