Your chance to contribute to dialogue on human rights, good governance and rule of law in the occupied Palestinian territory

Consultations with civil society organisations in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and in Brussels, will be carried out in preparation for the fourth round of the Human Rights, Good Governance and Rule of Law Sub-Committee between the Palestinian Authority and the European Union that will take place in Brussels for an open exchange on issues of mutual interest and concern. In this context, all interested parties, including non-governmental organisations and other interested organisations are invited to provide any information, reports or assessments, in relation to the situation of human rights, good governance and rule of law in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

A press release said the consultations were organized to reach out to the widest possible array of sources, and represented an opportunity for civil society to contribute to the process by bringing up their issues of concern. 
In particular, contributions will:
-       Point to sectors and/or cases of Human rights violations; 
-       Comment on progress made;
-       Inform on initiatives undertaken to improve the situation, including relations with the PA;
-       Recommendations.
All contributions should:
• Indicate in the heading of the message the name of the organisation providing the information; 
• Always provide a reference for the information provided (i.e. weblink)
The information must be sent to: Office of the EU Representative, PO Box 22207, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem or to the following email address: 
The deadline to receive the information is 27 April 2012.
All information will be treated confidentially (no source will be quoted). (ENPI Info Centre)
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