EU and Jordan sign air transport agreement

The European Union and Jordan have signed a comprehensive air services agreement which will open up and integrate their respective markets, strengthen cooperation and offer new opportunities for consumers and operators.
A European Commission press release said the agreement will establish a "Euro Mediterranean Aviation Area" between Jordan and the EU based on common rules and a liberalisation of the air markets. The signing reflects the substantial deepening of the EU–Jordan relationship, which has now culminated in an "advanced status partnership" and a new ENP Action Plan. It coincides with King Abdullah II of Jordan's visit to the President of the Commission José Manuel Barroso and High Representative Catherine Ashton on 15 and 16 December.
Vice-President Siim Kallas, Commissioner responsible for transport, said: "Today's agreement will boost trade and tourism in Jordan and the EU. It will allow Jordan to become a full partner of the EU in aviation and pave the way towards a wider Euro Mediterranean Aviation Area. This is a very important step in our strategy of closer integration between the EU and its Mediterranean partners. I want to thank the Jordanian Authorities for their commitment to bringing Jordan and the EU closer together in the field of air transport during over the past few years."
The agreement will open the respective markets and integrate Jordan into a Common Aviation Area with the EU. As a result of the agreement, Jordan will harmonise its legislation with European standards and implement EU aviation rules in areas such as aviation safety, security, environment, consumer protection, air traffic management, competition issues and social aspects.
The agreement will enable all EU airlines to operate direct flights to Jordan from anywhere in the EU and vice-versa for Jordanian carriers. The cross-investments between Jordan and Europe will be encouraged allowing any EU carriers to set up a subsidiary in Jordan and vice-versa. The agreement will remove all restrictions on prices, routes and quotas of flights between Jordan and the EU.
This agreement will pave the way for the creation of a wider Euro Mediterranean Aviation Area with the various Mediterranean partners. A similar agreement has already been concluded between the EU and Morocco in 2006 and negotiations are ongoing with Israel, Tunisia and Lebanon. (ENPI Info Centre)
Press release
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Euromed Aviation – website
ENPI Info Centre – Interview with Olivier Turcas (EuroMed Aviation)


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