Anna Lindh Foundation preparing handbook on intercultural citizenship education


A preparatory meeting for the development of a regional education project for intercultural citizenship in the Euro-Mediterranean region was organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation on 20 and 21 April 2012 in Cairo, as part of the new Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) work programme for 2012-2014.
A press release said the meeting, which involved twelve experts from different Euromed countries and ALF staff members, aimed at discussing the contents and format of the ‘Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship Education’ to be produced in the framework of the new project and developed over the next year through a participatory methodology involving teachers, students, community leaders and government representatives.
The project will support the development of educational practices and activities designed to help young people and adults play an active role in democratic life; in addition, it will support participants to exercise their rights and responsibilities in society, enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, local and global, as well as sensitising them to understand and appreciate the normality of different worldviews, customs and ways of life among human beings.
On the basis of the handbook, a training programme for multipliers will be launched addressing teachers, educators, civil society representatives and ALF Network Members who work in schools and within the community, making use of innovative pedagogical approaches.
The Anna Lindh Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialogue promotes knowledge, mutual respect and inter-cultural dialogue between the people of the Euro-Mediterranean region, working through a network of more than 3,000 civil society organisations in 43 countries. Its budget is co-funded by the EU (€7 million) and the EU member states (€6 million). (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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