ENPI 2007-2013: an instrument for the Neighbourhood – new report outlines seven years of activities and results


 A new report outlining how the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) has contributed towards strengthening relations between the EU and its Neighbourhood Partner Countries and made aid delivery more effective, has just been released by EuropeAid.
The report, entitled European Neighbourhood Instrument 2007-2013 – Overview of Activities and Results, outlines the achievements of the past seven years. It covers the general aspects of support to the Neighbourhood partnership, refers to the regional effort, includes a country-by-country breakdown, and offers many examples of activities undertaken.
The ENPI, with a 13.4 billion commitment, operated from January 2007 to January 2014, when it was replaced by the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) worth over €15 billion and running from 2014-2020. Its main purpose was to create an area of shared values, stability and prosperity, enhanced co-operation and deeper economic and regional integration,by covering a wide range of co-operation areas.
In implementing the ENPI, there was a continuous dialogue between the EU and each of the partner countries, in order to achieve a spirit of co-ownership and partnership, ensuring that programmes funded are adapted to the needs of partner countries and contribute to their economic and social development, and ultimately to the well-being of the citizens, the report underlines.
Overall, the report notes, the mix of available tools and modalities for aid delivery in the Neighbourhood became richer, which translated into more opportunities for adapting the ENPI response to different needs and changing situations. Partners were granted access to institution building tools, and the use of budget support opened new paths with the governments.
The bilateral breakdown of assistance contributed to each partner country, both in the South and the East, is detailed in the report, and each country section includes a story of support on the ground, highlighting the fact that the citizens are the ultimate beneficiary of this support.
There is a special reference to the two “umbrella programmes” introduced by the EU following the review of its policy and adoption of a more incentive-based approach towards the Neighbourhood in 2011. These are the SPRING (Support for Partnership, Reforms and Inclusive Growth) programme for the South with €540 million in 2011-2013, and the EaPIC (Eastern Partnership Integration and Cooperation) programme for the East with €152 million in 2012-2013. Both programmes sought to channel additional assistance to selected partner countries. The important role of civil society, as a key stakeholder in policy making and monitoring, is also emphasised.
The report is available in English and French. It will soon also be available in Arabic, Russian and German.
The EU Neighbourhood Info Centre has also prepared an online interactive press pack on the report that can be found HERE. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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