Specialised software to fight sub-standard shipping to be developed under Safemed project

A special software to help in the fight against sub-standard shipping will be developed by the EU-funded Safemed II project, with the aim of further harmonising procedures in the Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding (Med MoU) on Port State Control and further ensuring that the relevant requirements of the international International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) maritime Conventions are applied to ships being inspected by Port State Control Officers (PSCOs).
“This decision-making application will be instrumental in improving safety of navigation, preventing pollution, and empowering Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) to be more efficient when inspecting a vessel. It is being designed specifically for the Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding (Med MoU) on Port State Control, and in particular its SafeMed II Project Beneficiaries, namely: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey,” explained Albert Bergonzo, SafeMed Project Officer – Maritime Administration.
A press release said the contract for developing the tool was awarded to the Korean Register of Shipping (KRS), following a public tendering procedure led by the IMO Secretariat.
Two versions of the tool will be available for PSCOs: online and stand-alone. The online version will be hosted with the Information Centre of the Med MoU in Morocco together with the Med MoU Information System, MEDSIS. For the stand-alone version, a laptop will be supplied to each PSCO of the Med MoU members also participating to the SafeMed II project.
The €5.5 million SafeMed II project seeks to mitigate the existing imbalance between the participating partners that are EU Mediterranean member states and the non EU members from the region in the application of maritime legislation. Among its activities, it funds scholarships to internationally recognized maritime universities. (ENPI Info Centre)
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